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Weather and sunset cam from Downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada, city of perpetual change and natural wonder
Beaming to the world, and participating in a wide government conspiracy to cover up "Planet X" and UFOs, since 1996

Daily Kat Kam Timelapse Videos available on Youtube: Vancouver Timelapse Videos
See beautiful selected moments from the Kat Kam and other gorgeous Vancouver area webcam images at
Link to extensive aerial photos of BC and flight logs located under "TOUR BEAUTIFUL BC! Some helpful links" at bottom of homepage.
Environment Canada Weather Office: Current Vancouver temperature, weather conditions and forecasts.

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Current image is captured every 5 minutes during daylight hours. Past images in ARCHIVES and GALLERIES.

The view is (usually) a current snap from the TSI office. The camera faces west toward English Bay, the mouth of False Creek and the Burrard Bridge, with the West Side and UBC endowment land at the left edge of the shot. In between is Vanier Park in which reside the HR MacMillan Space Centre & Planetarium and the Maritime Museum. To the far right, on the north side of English Bay is Sunset Beach Park and the Sea Wall. In the western distance is Lighthouse Park and West Vancouver. Behind West Van is Bowen Island, and beyond are the mountains of the Sunshine Coast, most notably Mount Elphinstone in Gibsons. On a clear day Vancouver Island might be visible in the far distance; it spans the entire view along the horizon. On English Bay one can see commercial freighters, sailing lessons off Jericho Beach, sailing races, canoeing, kayaking, party boats and the reinstated Coast Guard station at Vanier Park. The Aquabus and False Creek Ferries take pedestrians and bicyclists around False Creek, including Granville Island, just east of Burrard Bridge, and to Vanier Park.

Time-Lapse Archives And Galleries

Click on thumbnails to enlarge to full size. Note: The image-capture is usually off after dark.

Archive 1: Time-consecutive thumbnails:
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Archive 2: A series of images captured at the same time of day for a number of consecutive days:

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Archive 3: All images for a single day:

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Gallery 1: Variety of interesting shots (new ones added periodically):

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Gallery 2: Sunsets

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Selected Kat Kam images and videos

(not "select", as you will hear most broadcasters and advertisers say nowadays, as if these two words are interchangeable (which they are not).)

Panoramic view from Telemark Systems, March 4, 2001

YouTube: A Day In Vancouver : Time-lapse YouTube Kat Kam video of July 25th, 2009's awesome crazy weather followed by Celebration Of Light fireworks (day 2), compiled by Jyothie Naidu jyothie0596 ; thanks!. Or check archive 20090725 for still images.

The 08/08/01 Kat Kam pre-fireworks evening time-lapse makes Vancouver Province newspaper. Thanks to Erik Rolfsen.

Foggy Kat Kam morning/"Thursday Fog": Time-lapse video of a foggy late September 2006 day (right-click on image); Thanks, Brian at

Gray day into brilliant bronze sunset 07/12/04 archive: One of the best things about this part of the world is that it isn't unusual for a gray day to end in a fantastic sunset!

Celebration Of Light Fireworks 2008
08/07/23 archive 22:00: Day 1: Canada
08/07/26 archive 22:00: Day 2: USA
08/07/30 archive 22:00: Day 3: China
08/08/02 archive 22:00: Day 4: BC 150 celebration and finale

Celebration Of Light Fireworks 2007
07/07/25 archive 22:00: Day 1: Spain
07/07/28 archive 22:00: Day 2: Canada
07/08/01 archive 22:00: Day 3: China
07/08/04 archive 22:00: Day 4: Finale

Celebration Of Light Fireworks 2006
06/07/26 archive: Day 1: Italy
06/07/29 archive: Day 2: China
06/08/02 archive: Day 3: Czech Republic
06/08/05 archive: Day 4: Mexico (2006 winner) and grand finale

Other Metro Vancouver Webcams (not operated by Telemark Systems)

If a new outdoor view cam pops up in British Columbia, or if any of these links become inactive, please let me, Kat (Kathryn), know at Kattorvick at Gmail dot com.

Looking east from central Vancouver. 3 stations of Vancouver's Weather Underground /Stn.ID: IVANCOUV37 :

Long Beach Resort Live Video! From Tofino, BC on Vancouver Island.
Long Beach Resort

Whistler Blackcomb Webcams (North America's top ski resort, 2010 Winter Olympics site):
Click here, then click "Webcams"

Jericho Beach: English Bay, West Vancouver, North Shore mountains:
Jericho Beach

Canada Place: Looking north at east cruise ship berth, Burrard Inlet, North Shore mountains:

Looking northwest at Downtown from False Creek South:

Marpole neighbourhood of South Vancouver, facing west (I think; will have to ask Tak):

Metro Vancouver traffic cams:

More traffic cams! Plus current/recent traffic conditions in text:
News 1130 (CKWX 1130AM)

14 cameras show what's happening at the Port Of Vancouver:
Port Of Vancouver

Boundary Bay Airport (CZBB):

NEW! (to the Kam's links)
Peace Arch, Pacific Highway, Aldergrove and Abbottsford border crossings:

Mission Raceway, just east of Vancouver along the Fraser River (mostly out-of-date and not available):
Mission Raceway Track Cams

Gov't Of BC Ministry Of Transportation BC Highway Cams:
BC Highway Cams

BC Ferries Major Terminals (Includes schedules, fares, etc!):
BC Ferries

Way Out Of Town

Near Victoria; Wildlife Migratory Bird Sanctuary (Camera sometimes down):
Esquimalt Lagoon Web Cam

See and hear orca whales in Johnstone Strait, northwest of Vancouver, possibly live:

Mount St. Helens (volcano) in neighbouring Washington State:
US Forest Service Mount St. Helens VolcanoCam

BC, West Coast and cross-Canada Webcam Indexes

Amazing database of BC, Yukon, Alaska and Washington State webcams! Includes temperature, radar and satellite images as well as real-time BC weather data:
BC/Yukon Webcams +

A huge collection of webcams across Canada (Environment Canada's webcams are either gone or not available online):
NavCanada Weather Cams

Gov't Of BC Ministry Of Transportation BC Highway Cams:

BigWaveDave's phat collection of coastal Vancouver Island Cams:

Worldwide Webcam Indexes (the list of lists)

Probably an out-of-date link here, if anywhere on this site. Let me know if one of these is toast.
Lat update of this section July 2012 (includes lots of live video)
CamsLive4Free Was Czech language/Ceská Republika
Visit-World 360°tours
Leonard's "Cam World"
Tommy's List of Live Cams Worldwide
Weather Roanoke (American cam list)

If you know of any others, or if any of these links become invalid or change URL, please drop Kat (Kathryn) a line at hepkat at telemark dot net.
Thanks for helping to keep this website up-to-date!

TOUR BEAUTIFUL BC! Some helpful links Tourism British Columbia Index of ski resorts covering the entire province

Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley ski hills and mountain villages individual listings:
Whistler Blackcomb 90 scenic minutes north of Vancouver; hiking, condos, cabins, restaurant, pub and nightlife info included.
Cypress Mountain West Vancouver
Grouse Mountain North Vancouver
Mount Seymour North Vancouver
Hemlock Valley Resort near Agassiz
Manning Park near Hope

Here are several sites that have some BC and Vancouver travel info that might help:
Tourism British Columbia/Hello BC Tourism Vancouver and Canada
Urban Spoon Restaurant Guide; some information out of date (phone to confirm)
Vancouver facts and figures: Location, distance from other cities, population, local flags, etc.

Bank Of Canada currency converter

Vancouver's current temperature, weather conditions and forecasts (Includes sun and moon times):
Environment Canada Weather Office - Vancouver
Canada's weather conditions and forecasts:
Environment Canada Weather Office

View a few images of the December 15th, 2006 wind storm damage and other random images of Stanley Park: Stanley Park Windstorm Damage: Google Image Search.

Webmaster Randall is a private (non-commercial) pilot. In spring 2002, we embarked on a mission to fly over and photograph as much of British Columbia as we could. In the following link are aerial photos of massive mountains, lakes, rivers, valleys and other items of BC's extensive natural beauty. Lots of towns too. Also included, a flight to Calgary, Alberta, which showcases copious Rocky Mountain pics and a few prairie shots. As well, shots over much of Vancouver, in particular Downtown, Kitsilano and Granville Island; the North Shore, Howe Sound, Sunshine Coast, Squamish, Whistler, Victoria and Vancouver Island:
BC Flight Logs And Photos

Kat Kam technical info

Our apologies: Kat Kam image-capture program is no longer for sale. Please email any other inquiries regarding Webmaster Randall's technical wizardry to randallg at telemark dot net.

If the current image in your web browser is old, and the problem is not with your web-browser or device, please email randallg at telemark dot net. It may be that the webcam or harddrive is offline for maintenance, or something has become disconnected, or one or more of the components has lost power, or the capture device has been improperly set. Or there could be a service interruption originating at Telemark's ISP, or a problem at the user's ISP too.

If the cloudy sky has a blue hue at dawn or dusk, that's the camera doing its own compensation; it's not a filter. There are no filters used in this operation.
Also, during rainy, cloudy or dark conditions, the picture can be out of focus.

How the Kat Kam works:

The camera is a 2004 Olympus C-5060 Widezoom digital camera.
It is attached to a photo capture program written by Randall in C# .NET over many grueling hours.

Shots are saved in JPG format at 90% quality for significantly smaller file-size and faster downloading than when saved at 100% quality.

Randall also wrote a PERL script running on the webserver to generate the thumbnail collection pages based on user input.

Former gear:

The 2001-2004 setup was a Kodak DC240 Zoom digital camera attached to a modified video capture program supplied by Kodak's Web tech department. We used a developer API (application program interface) from Kodak, which provided a COM object interface to the underlying driver. Unfortunately, the Kodak API and/or driver was very buggy and crashed the Katkam computer often twice or more a day. The product and tech support were discontinued shortly after Telemark acquired it.

The 1996-2001 setup was a Hitachi High-8 analog video camera attached to a Snappy interface. It would take a number of captured frames (1, 2, 4 or 8) and interpolate (layer) them to make a denser, higher resolution image.

This Web application is a creation of Telemark Systems Inc,
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